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Our team forms a relationship with each patient, which allows us to customize individual treatment based on desired needs and outcomes.  We take great lengths to ensure your comfort and confidence in our practice.



Our team’s skillset is at the forefront of the latest advancements in technology and dental knowledge.



We make it our priority to provide you the highest level of care in our profession. We excel in continuity of care and individualizing treatment based on each patient’s needs. 

Our compassion, competence and commitment is embodied by our entire staff.  These traits shape our practice philosophy and explain our role as dental health care providers. We are committed to upholding these standards in giving each of our patients the highest level of care possible. We will spend as much time as necessary in discussion to give all our patients a good understanding of the overall health of their mouths. We feel that patients should take an active role in achieving the level of oral health that they feel is appropriate for them.

Whatever your dental condition, concern, or experience, when you seek a dentist’s services, we feel you should have assurance of that dentist’s competence and commitment to care for you as an individual. That person should have a caring, quality-conscious attitude. A dentist should spend time to know you, understand your concerns, evaluate the full condition of your mouth, discuss your treatment options, and plan treatment that not only meets your individual desires and circumstances but is in your best health interest. You want a dentist who cares enough to do their best for you. You deserve that.

We have been practicing just that way in Pittsford for over 40 years. We have made a commitment to stay abreast of our profession's advancements through continuing education and new technology and are committed to developing a professional, trust-based relationship with each of our patients.

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