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Eric D. Hanson, D.D.S

Clenching / grinding / migraine therapy

Some headaches that have been diagnosed as migraines or tension-type headaches (usually in the temples) are actually headaches induced by the muscles that are used to clench your teeth together. It is possible to control these damaging forces and eliminate years of debilitating pain. During our comprehensive exam we palpate these muscles for any signs of knotting, tension, or tenderness. We also look intraorally for any signs of wear to the teeth that are caused by grinding or clenching. Once we have made a diagnosis regarding clenching or grinding related to headaches we look to find the cause. In some cases patients clench and grind their teeth because their jaw joint is trying to find a comfortable position but the teeth are in the way of this position. When teeth and muscle aren’t working together the muscle always wins, which can result in severe tooth wear over time if it goes undiagnosed. Our goals in our office are to make the correct diagnosis, make you comfortable, and find ways to prevent any further damage to teeth or headaches. Therapy for these diagnoses can involve splint therapy and/or balancing the bite.

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