Hanson Dental
Eric D. Hanson, D.D.S


Sealants is a treatment used to prevent cavities.  It is a procedure often used on the back teeth in both children and adults.  It can be done on primary (baby) or permanent teeth depending on your risk for developing a cavity. The anatomy of the back teeth, which have fissures and grooves, makes them more susceptible to decay. This is why these teeth are the focus of sealants. The teeth must be very dry for the sealants to be effective. To ensure the teeth are dry we used lots of suction, cotton rolls, and/or rubber dams.  If there is staining present in the grooves the grooves are widened slightly prior to sealing them. An acidic solution is applied to the teeth and cleaned off making the surface easier to bond to. A bonding agent can then be applied followed by the sealant material itself.  We use a resin based or plastic based material that is the color of the teeth.  It is light cured which helps make it hard in the mouth. The bite is then checked and adjusted as necessary. The sealants are then rechecked at every cleaning appointment to ensure the margins are sealed.