Restorative Dentistry

Some situations that may have been ignored or overlooked for years can lead to complex problems that don't have an easy solution. The key to providing good and stable results is to thoroughly diagnose all the factors involved. Most patients are amazed when they are shown the benefits of contemporary comprehensive dentistry. Today, just about anything is possible.

Hybrid Prosthesis

A hybrid prosthesis is a way to replace teeth when multiple teeth are missing and/or cannot be restored. It can be done on either arch—the maxilla (top arch) or the mandible (bottom arch). It entails the placement of 6 implants on the top arch and 4-5 on the bottom. The prostheses can be fabricated out of acrylic or porcelain. This is a great option for a patient who does not wish to go without teeth and wants something that cannot be removed from the mouth by them. The hybrid prosthesis can only be removed by a dentist and must be cleaned out at least once a year by a hygienist. The day the prosthesis is being delivered the patient is seen by the oral surgeon or periodontist. They will take out the remaining teeth and place the implants. The patient is scheduled to see us that same day to have the prosthesis delivered and their smile perfected. The patient will need to return 6 months later for the fabrication of a more permanent prosthesis based on the position of the implants.