Root Canal Therapy

A root canal, sometimes referred to as the field of endodontics, involves taking the nerve out of the tooth. Every tooth has at least one canal, sometimes multiple canals, within each root. A root canal is performed because of trauma to the tooth or an infection in the nerve of the tooth.  If a patient has trauma to the teeth there is the possibility that the nerve will die and if this happens it needs to be removed. Infections in the nerve can also be caused by decay. The bacteria that cause cavities and decay can get into the nerve causing pain as the nerve becomes inflamed.  

In our office we have complete confidence in diagnosing nerve problems and treating them. If a patient needs root canal therapy we make sure first and foremost that they are made comfortable with anesthesia. We further proceed to clean the nerve out with files and lots of irrigation with antibacterial products. Once the nerve is removed the canals are filled with a rubber based material called gutta percha and the patient is ready for the next phase, which is restorative. It is advised that patients wait 1-2 weeks following a root canal prior to having a permanent filling or restoration placed on the tooth.